The best apps and games of Headhache Conundrum on iOS in 2024

A headache is a game of patience, reasoning and logic that is played alone. Here is our selection of conundrum applications to make your brain work and your thinking and show your sense of deduction:

Here is our ranking of the best games and applications of headhache conundrum available on iOS (iPhone et iPad) in 2024 :

1 : Wood Nuts & Bolts Puzzle on iPhone and iPad
Wood Nuts & Bolts Puzzle - Screenshot No.1
Wood Nuts & Bolts Puzzle - Screenshot No.2
Wood Nuts & Bolts Puzzle - Screenshot No.3
Wood Nuts & Bolts Puzzle is a game where you strategically drop wooden blocks by moving bolts. Each puzzle level has a number of "empty" screw locations to place the bolts. You will then need to move them in the right or... See more
2 : QSPastèque : Monkey Land on iPhone and iPad
QSPastèque : Monkey Land - Screenshot No.1
QSPastèque : Monkey Land - Screenshot No.2
QSPastèque : Monkey Land - Screenshot No.3
QS Watermelon is a fusion game where you need to drop fruits. When two identical fruits touch, they merge and turn into a bigger fruit. The aim of the game QSWatermelon: Monkey Land is simple: to have the biggest fruits ... See more
3 : Tangle Master 3D on iPhone and iPad
Tangle Master 3D - Screenshot No.1
Tangle Master 3D - Screenshot No.2
Tangle Master 3D - Screenshot No.3
Tangle Master 3D is a thread untangling application.
You'll need to move each rope wisely and use the tools at your disposal to solve these puzzles.
You have a maximum number of moves to complete each level of the game... See more
4 : Woodoku on iPhone and iPad
Woodoku - Screenshot No.1
Woodoku - Screenshot No.2
Woodoku - Screenshot No.3
Woodoku is a mix of wood puzzle and Tetris. In this game of reflection and logic, you will have to judiciously place the wooden blocks on the grid to form rows, columns or 3x3 squares to achieve objectives.
Woodoku offe... See more
5 : Fiona's Farm on iPhone and iPad
Fiona's Farm - Screenshot No.1
Fiona's Farm - Screenshot No.2
Fiona's Farm - Screenshot No.3
Fiona's Farm is a farm building puzzle game.
Your mission: help Fiona and her grandmother to renovate the family farm destroyed by a hurricane.

Discover unique puzzle levels, the principle is to associate blocks by ... See more
6 : Art Puzzle - Jigsaw Coloring on iPhone and iPad
Art Puzzle - Jigsaw Coloring - Screenshot No.1
Art Puzzle - Jigsaw Coloring - Screenshot No.2
Art Puzzle - Jigsaw Coloring - Screenshot No.3
This puzzle application is a free art game that mixes puzzle and relaxation.

You have to find the right place for each puzzle piece by guessing the silhouettes. In this way, you will bring beautiful pictures to life.
... See more
7 : Cake Sort Puzzle 3D on iPhone and iPad
Cake Sort Puzzle 3D - Screenshot No.1
Cake Sort Puzzle 3D - Screenshot No.2
Cake Sort Puzzle 3D - Screenshot No.3
Cake Sort Puzzle 3D, published by Lion Studio Plus, is a strategy and logic game where players are tasked with sorting and assembling cakes by placing slices onto the matching plates. The gameplay involves sliding cake p... See more