The best apps and games of Merge on Android in 2024

A merge game consists of merging identical item boxes to obtain other items and complete missions. Quests in merge games always require you to make specific items. Often the merge game grid has several boxes containing different types of items (a box for food, a box for tools, another for drinks for example). The merge game is played on a grid, so there is a defined number of boxes (a kind of object stock) that must be managed wisely. If you run out of space, you can sell items to earn coins. Sometimes the merged items enter bubbles, so you have to wait a few seconds for them to turn into coins or bonus items. Each click consumes energy and the boxes containing the various items usually have a certain amount of items; they are renewed after a while.

Here is our ranking of the best games and applications of merge available on Android in 2024 :

1 : Merge Hotel Empire Design Game on Android
Merge Hotel Empire Design Game  - Screenshot No.1
Merge Hotel Empire Design Game  - Screenshot No.2
Merge Hotel Empire Design Game  - Screenshot No.4
Merge Hotel Empire and Design Game by Greenpixel is a fusion, merge game in which you will help Elsa to renovate and build a small town hall.

But beware there seems to be dark magic in the man... See more
2 : QSPastèque : Monkey Land on Android
QSPastèque : Monkey Land - Screenshot No.1
QSPastèque : Monkey Land - Screenshot No.2
QSPastèque : Monkey Land - Screenshot No.4
QS Watermelon is a fusion game where you need to drop fruits. When two identical fruits touch, they merge and turn into a bigger fruit. The aim of the game QSWatermelon: Monkey Land is simple: to... See more
3 : EverMerge: Fusion and puzzle on Android
EverMerge: Fusion and puzzle - Screenshot No.1
EverMerge: Fusion and puzzle - Screenshot No.2
EverMerge: Fusion and puzzle - Screenshot No.4
Big Fish Games offers you a fusion game in the magical world of EverMerge.

The principle of the game is to merge groups of identical elements in order to dispel the fog that covers the world o... See more
4 : Merge Mansion on Android
Merge Mansion - Screenshot No.1
Merge Mansion - Screenshot No.2
Merge Mansion - Screenshot No.4
Merge Mansion is a combination game that invites you to discover the family secrets of Maddy (the heroine of the game) and her grandmother.
The concept of a merge game is to merge two objects ... See more
5 : Merge Dragons! on Android
Merge Dragons! - Screenshot No.1
Merge Dragons! - Screenshot No.2
Merge Dragons! - Screenshot No.4
With Merge Dragons, you are immersed in a magical world full of legendary dragons and magic.

The principle of this fusion game is to combine identical objects in order to rebuild the world of... See more
6 : Seaside Escape on Android
Seaside Escape - Screenshot No.1
Seaside Escape - Screenshot No.2
Seaside Escape - Screenshot No.4
In the merge game Seaside Escape from Microfun you will help Rowan to renovate the island of Kryphos. After a life in Hollywood, Rowan is back on his native island: Kryphos. She discovers that th... See more
7 : Merge Mayor Idle Village on Android
Merge Mayor Idle Village - Screenshot No.1
Merge Mayor Idle Village - Screenshot No.2
Merge Mayor Idle Village - Screenshot No.4
L'application Merge Mayor Idle Village vous propose de combiner, fusionner des objets entre eux pour en débloquer de nouveaux et développer votre ville.

En combinant judicieusement le... See more