The best apps and games of Netflix Games on Android in 2024

Find here the games and apps of the famous streaming platform Netflix. These apps are free, with no in-app purchases, and no ads for Netflix subscribers. Do you like Stranger Things and other Netflix series? You are in the right place !

Here is our ranking of the best games and applications of netflix games available on Android in 2024 :

2 : Asphalt Xtreme on Android
Asphalt Xtreme - Screenshot No.1
Asphalt Xtreme - Screenshot No.2
Asphalt Xtreme - Screenshot No.4
Asphalt Xtreme is a Netflix car racing game that takes place on extreme terrain (dune, canyon etc...)
The game consists of finishing first in races against computers or real people on a network.... See more
3 : Stranger Things: Puzzle Tales on Android
Stranger Things: Puzzle Tales  - Screenshot No.1
Stranger Things: Puzzle Tales  - Screenshot No.2
Stranger Things: Puzzle Tales  - Screenshot No.4
Stranger Things: Puzzle Tales is a Netflix game combining match 3 and adventure in the universe of the famous Netflix series.
You will help Eleven, Mike, Lucas, Max, Dustin, fight demo dogs, dem... See more
4 : Classic Solitaire NETFLIX on Android
Classic Solitaire NETFLIX - Screenshot No.1
Classic Solitaire NETFLIX - Screenshot No.2
Classic Solitaire NETFLIX - Screenshot No.4
Netflix Classic Solitaire is a classic solitaire game app also called patience or Canfield or Klondike or gold rush.
The objective of the solitaire game is to put 4 stacks of cards of 4 suits ba... See more
5 : Dominoes Café on Android
Dominoes Café - Screenshot No.1
Dominoes Café - Screenshot No.2
Dominoes Café - Screenshot No.4
The Dominoes Café app is a domino board game published by Netflix.
Dominoes Café has three game modes: classic, blocked and five everywhere.
Dominoes is a board game of Chinese origin with si... See more
6 : Mahjong Solitaire NETFLIX on Android
Mahjong Solitaire NETFLIX - Screenshot No.1
Mahjong Solitaire NETFLIX - Screenshot No.2
Mahjong Solitaire NETFLIX - Screenshot No.4
NETFLIX Mahjong Solitaire is a full-featured Mahjong game with hundreds of Mahjong puzzles, daily challenges, achievements, and customizable tiles and game boards.
The principle of the game of M... See more
7 : Vineyard Valley NETFLIX on Android
Vineyard Valley NETFLIX - Screenshot No.1
Vineyard Valley NETFLIX - Screenshot No.2
Vineyard Valley NETFLIX - Screenshot No.4
Discover Vineyard Valley: Netflix's Food & Wine Adventure! Dive into an exciting journey in the heart of an enchanted vineyard. Help Simone and her friends renovate the estate and create their dr... See more