The best apps and games of Numbers and figures on Android in 2024

In numbering, there are 10 digits: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9. A number is a quantity. It is written with one or more digits. Mathematicians at heart, lovers of calculations, operations and logic exercises of all kinds, the applications around numbers are here:

Here is our ranking of the best games and applications of numbers and figures available on Android in 2024 :

1 : - Sudoku Puzzle on Android - Sudoku Puzzle - Screenshot No.1 - Sudoku Puzzle - Screenshot No.2 - Sudoku Puzzle - Screenshot No.4
The application - sudoku game edited by EasyBrain offers 4 levels of difficulty: easy, medium, difficult and expert.
The sudoku app offers daily challenges with a grid of varying dif... See more
2 : Dyslock on Android
Dyslock - Screenshot No.1
Dyslock - Screenshot No.2
Dyslock - Screenshot No.4
The objective of the Dyslock game is to break a code by deduction (the principle is the same as in Mastermind games)
A green star means that a digit of the proposed combination is in the correct... See more
3 : Brainito - Words vs Numbers on Android
 Brainito - Words vs Numbers - Screenshot No.1
 Brainito - Words vs Numbers - Screenshot No.2
 Brainito - Words vs Numbers - Screenshot No.4
The Brainito game is very similar to the TV game of numbers and letters
Each Brainito game is played in 5 rounds against a random opponent or a friend of yours. Each player takes a turn.
In the... See more
4 : Picture Cross on Android
Picture Cross - Screenshot No.1
Picture Cross - Screenshot No.2
Picture Cross - Screenshot No.4
Picture Cross is a very complete Picross puzzle also called nonogram or riddler.

The principle of Picross or nonogram is to discover a drawing on a grid by shading boxes, according to lo... See more
5 : Nonogram - IQ Logic Pic Puzzle on Android
Nonogram - IQ Logic Pic Puzzle - Screenshot No.1
Nonogram - IQ Logic Pic Puzzle - Screenshot No.2
Nonogram - IQ Logic Pic Puzzle - Screenshot No.4
With Logic Pic solve addictive and challenging logic puzzles in a solitaire puzzle game.

Aliens picture cross or nonogram or riddler consists of uncovering a picture on a grid by darkening squ... See more
6 : 2048 By Gabriele Cirulli on Android
2048 By Gabriele Cirulli - Screenshot No.1
2048 By Gabriele Cirulli - Screenshot No.2
2048 By Gabriele Cirulli - Screenshot No.4
The official version of the puzzle game 2048: "2048 by Gabriele Cirulli".
The goal of the number game is to reach 2048 by moving the small squares.

Principle of the game 2048:
Drag the bloc... See more
7 : Riddle Stones - Cross Numbers on Android
Riddle Stones - Cross Numbers - Screenshot No.1
The objective in Riddle Stone Cross Numbers is to solve "improved" Picross puzzles and advance on the game level board.

Bonuses, stones, traps gradually slip into the grids over the levels.

... See more