The best apps and games of Travel on iOS in 2024

Want to leave, to escape? To take a plane, to discover an island, to manage a hotel, a camping or an airport, it's here! Find our selection of apps around tourism and travel and go quickly to discover the countries of the world! Games about travel and geography are often educational and fun!

Here is our ranking of the best games and applications of travel available on iOS (iPhone et iPad) in 2024 :

1 : Farmville: Tropic Escape on iPhone and iPad
Farmville: Tropic Escape - Screenshot No.1
Farmville: Tropic Escape - Screenshot No.2
Farmville: Tropic Escape - Screenshot No.3
FarmVille: Tropic Escape is a simulation game in which you can build and manage your farm on a paradise island.
Manage your beach inn, grow tropical fruits such as coconuts and pineapples, rice, or beautiful orchids to ... See more
2 : Cooking Playtime: Tasty Street on iPhone and iPad
Cooking Playtime: Tasty Street - Screenshot No.1
Cooking Playtime: Tasty Street - Screenshot No.2
Cooking Playtime: Tasty Street - Screenshot No.3
Cooking Playtime: Tasty Street allows you to take control of kitchens in restaurants from around the world!

In each restaurant, you must complete levels to unlock new ingredients and better equipment. Each level of t... See more
3 : Boom Beach on iPhone and iPad
Boom Beach - Screenshot No.1
Boom Beach - Screenshot No.2
Boom Beach - Screenshot No.3
Boom Beach is a combat and strategy game that takes place in a huge tropical paradise full of treasures but also dangers.

Your mission is to fight the Black Guard, play with players from all over the world to confront... See more
4 : Travel Quest Daily Connect on iPhone and iPad
Travel Quest Daily Connect - Screenshot No.1
Travel Quest Daily Connect - Screenshot No.2
Travel Quest Daily Connect - Screenshot No.3
Travel Quest is a game of collecting panini-style pictures and discovering countries around the world.

You can exchange images and complete your album faster by exchanging with your friends. You can also send them mil... See more
5 : Pearl’s Peril: Hidden Objects on iPhone and iPad
 Pearl’s Peril: Hidden Objects  - Screenshot No.1
 Pearl’s Peril: Hidden Objects  - Screenshot No.2
 Pearl’s Peril: Hidden Objects  - Screenshot No.3
The Pearl's Peril – Hidden Objects app takes you back to the Golden Age of the 1930s with explorer Pearl Wallace.

When her father dies, Pearl inherits a mysterious island. So you are going to go with her and her fri... See more
6 : Warp Shift on iPhone and iPad
Warp Shift - Screenshot No.1
Warp Shift - Screenshot No.2
Warp Shift - Screenshot No.3
Warp Shift invites you to discover a captivating and unique puzzle game in a mysterious world.

You play with little Pi and her magical companion, trapped in a labyrinth. Your mission is to guide Pi through the maze in... See more
7 : The Island Castaway on iPhone and iPad
The Island Castaway  - Screenshot No.1
The Island Castaway  - Screenshot No.2
The Island Castaway  - Screenshot No.3
With The Island Castaway: Lost World discover an exciting adventure game and set out to discover a mysterious desert island.

You take on the role of a castaway lost on a tropical island in the middle of the ocean, you... See more