The best apps and games of Trivia on iOS in 2024

Here is our ranking of the best games and applications of trivia available on iOS (iPhone et iPad) in 2024 :

1 : Guess Their Answer on iPhone and iPad
Guess Their Answer - Screenshot No.1
Guess Their Answer - Screenshot No.2
Guess Their Answer - Screenshot No.3
Guess their Answer is a Trivia game like "a golden family". The objective of the game is simple: you have to quickly find the most frequently given answers to a question. If you find more answers than your opponent, you ... See more
2 : Trivia planet on iPhone and iPad
Trivia planet - Screenshot No.1
Trivia planet - Screenshot No.2
Trivia planet - Screenshot No.3
Trivia planet is a geographic quiz game.
The principle of the game Trivia planet is simple: you have to move your man on the world in 3D and position him on the right country (the country answer to the question asked).... See more
3 : Top 7 on iPhone and iPad
Top 7  - Screenshot No.1
Top 7  - Screenshot No.2
Top 7  - Screenshot No.3
Top 7: one theme, 7 answers! is a quiz game, trivia that looks a lot like the famous TV game A Family of Gold.
The principle of the game is simple: you must find the 7 most common answers given around a theme. As you a... See more
4 : Quiz Culture Générale Français on iPhone and iPad
Quiz Culture Générale Français - Screenshot No.1
Quiz Culture Générale Français - Screenshot No.2
Quiz Culture Générale Français - Screenshot No.3
In this general knowledge game you have to answer correctly to 15 questions in order to reach the 1 million euros level.

You have 4 jokers (call a friend, 50/50, public vote and switch).

If you fail a question you ... See more
5 : One Clue Crossword on iPhone and iPad
One Clue Crossword - Screenshot No.1
One Clue Crossword - Screenshot No.2
One Clue Crossword - Screenshot No.3
In One Clue Crossword examine a picture carefully and find the hidden words!

This is a crossword puzzle with a picture as the only clue. Thanks to this picture you will find each word in the grid.
By unlocking the ch... See more
6 : 100 PICS Quiz on iPhone and iPad
100 PICS Quiz - Screenshot No.1
100 PICS Quiz - Screenshot No.2
100 PICS Quiz - Screenshot No.3
The principle of 100 Pics quiz - trivia game is to guess what is on the picture, you can reveal it completely or just a part, the less you reveal it the more points you win. There are 100 pictures per theme.

The pictu... See more
7 : 4 PICS 1 WORD on iPhone and iPad
4 PICS 1 WORD - Screenshot No.1
4 PICS 1 WORD - Screenshot No.2
4 PICS 1 WORD - Screenshot No.3
1 Picture 1 Word is a guessing game.
The principle of the trivia game is very simple, each riddle proposed contains four images that have a common point.
It's up to you to find out what!

There are several levels of... See more