The best apps and games of War on Android in 2024

Here is our ranking of the best games and applications of war available on Android in 2024 :

1 : Clash Royale on Android
Clash Royale - Screenshot No.1
Clash Royale - Screenshot No.2
Clash Royale - Screenshot No.4
Clash Royale is a multiplayer game mixing trading cards and real-time strategy.
The goal of the game is to win the battle against your opponent by destroying his towers with your cards. To do th... See more
2 : Lords Mobile: Tower Defense on Android
Lords Mobile: Tower Defense - Screenshot No.1
Lords Mobile: Tower Defense - Screenshot No.2
Lords Mobile: Tower Defense - Screenshot No.4
Lords Mobile is a multiplayer strategy game in which you will face evil enemies in epic battles!

Go to war with your allies against other warlords and win by developing battle and confrontatio... See more
3 : Clash Of Clans on Android
Clash Of Clans - Screenshot No.1
Clash Of Clans - Screenshot No.2
Clash Of Clans - Screenshot No.4
In Clash of Clans lead your clan to victory! Clash of Clans is a tower defense strategy game.

The principle of this fun and addictive strategy game is to build your village, train your troop... See more
4 : Boom Beach on Android
Boom Beach - Screenshot No.1
Boom Beach - Screenshot No.2
Boom Beach - Screenshot No.4
Boom Beach is a combat and strategy game that takes place in a huge tropical paradise full of treasures but also dangers.

Your mission is to fight the Black Guard, play with players from all o... See more
5 : Uboat Attack on Android
Uboat Attack - Screenshot No.1
Uboat Attack - Screenshot No.2
Uboat Attack - Screenshot No.4
Immerse yourself in the world of naval battles with the Uboat Attack app, published by Voodoo. Your mission is to sink enemy submarines and warships by skillfully managing your ammunition. You'll... See more
6 : DomiNations on Android
DomiNations - Screenshot No.1
DomiNations - Screenshot No.2
DomiNations - Screenshot No.4
DomiNations offers you an epic game of strategy and combat. The game combines management, exploration and conquest.

To begin, choose your nation among the 7 proposed: China, England, Germany, ... See more
7 : Top War: Battle Game on Android
Top War: Battle Game - Screenshot No.1
Top War: Battle Game - Screenshot No.2
Top War: Battle Game - Screenshot No.4
Top War is a strategy and combat game where you play as a powerful Commander in the fight against the Legion alongside the Freedom League.

The game has an innovative fusion system, fuse 2 item... See more